After Hours Idol: 7-Ball Superstar

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Whether you’re in an English snooker hall or an American bar under hot lights, there is no better feeling than 7-balling your fellow After Hours Athlete - the skill to clear the table without a response from your opponent requires concentration, precision and expertise, and according to the age-old pool scriptures, the ensuing consequences are probably even more enjoyable...

So, we here at PUMA Social HQ felt it only right to celebrate the late night hero that is: The 7-Ball Superstar!

How? 7-balling involves pocketing every single ball on the table (including the 8-ball) to leave your rival in a state of eternal embarrassment at the sight of a full table of their own colour, as you bask in the glory of your #EPIC victory and ultimate superiority in the After Hours Temple of Worship.

Why? Because it feels GOOOOOOOOD! As After Hours Athletes, competition is in our blood and what better way to stamp one’s mark on an evening of fun and frolics than to put your best buddy or the Social Club cool-cat to shame with maple and chalk?

When? The 7-ball is a rarely seen occurrence and made so much sweeter as a result. Unless a pool shark has been involved, the 7-Ball is most commonly witnessed as a consequence of mild insobriety/double vision or lost focus* on the part of one competitor.

What happens next? Pool folklore states that the person on the receiving end of the 7-balling must remove all items of clothing bar underwear (including underwear in harsher circles), and run around the table until suitably embarrassed or until the winner feels sufficient punishment has been issued. We don’t think PUMA Social rewards get much bigger!!

7-Ball Superstar...we salute you!

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*Think Robin Hood/Maid Marian bow and arrow incident in Prince Of Thieves