After Hours Idol: 3-Dart Wonder

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Darts is a beautiful game and After Hours Athletes are pretty much biomechanically predisposed to succeed when playing! The game usually involves the corner of a loud bar or PUMA Social Club, incredible hand-eye co-ordination and most often, a frosty beverage in the non-throwing hand.

Global popularity has meant that darts has been a professional sport since the eighties as an array of rotund masters of the late night art come together to throw a thin piece of sharp-tipped metal into what looks like a coloured cork board. There is one particular skill however, that often eludes even the pros, and represents the Holy Grail of darts expertise...the three dart checkout!!

Let us all bow down to the 3-Dart Wonder and bask in his late night glory...

How? The three dart checkout is both incredibly simple and incredibly difficult to achieve. It involves completing a game by winning with three darts and one trip to the board. In professional circles, this can often form part of a 9-dart finish in which a player will score the maximum (treble 20) with 6 darts consecutively and check out with a 141 combination. Purists will tell you the ultimate 3-darter involves hitting treble 20 (60), treble 19 (57) and the bullseye (50), but this is where the difficult part comes in...unless your name is Jonny Dartboard it is very unlikely.

The three dart finish requires a wicked aim, nerves of steel and wrists the size of Hulk Hogan!

Why? Because it’s the ultimate show of dart skill and there’s no better way of lording it over your fellows than the feeling of nailing three arrows with tracer bullet accuracy.

When? We’ve frequented more PUMA Social venues than we care to remember and we’ve never witnessed it, but we know it’s possible. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

What happens next? A rockstar-sized baseball slide along the oche mat would certainly be in order followed by a set of dove-feathered flights gifted to you by the proprietor.

What’s your best three dart finish?

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