After Hours Athlete Guide: to the Perfect Pre-Funk!

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A guide to the perfect Pre-Funk!

Having a great night out is what PUMA Athletes do, but one thing that is often overlooked is the Pre-Funk! In fact, we think it sets the whole tone for the evening – so we kind souls at PUMA Social have put together a guide to the perfect Pre-Funk! We guarantee to make sure your night gets off to the best possible start!

Music – you want a good night right? Then you need music! Make sure you’ve got an mp3 packed full of tunes to get the Pre-Funk started! We won’t tell you what to listen to; we know you’ll have great taste in music, but make sure there’s some chill out songs for the after party jams.

Karaoke – not strictly music. But as the night progresses why not crank up the fun with some karaoke! Who doesn’t love belting out an anthem or two with their mates and annoying the neighbors in the process!? We do!

Cups – failing to plan is planning to fail! Yada, yada, yada! Why plan when you can be partying? What we would say is make sure you have cups and lots of them for your Pre-Funk. You can never have too many and it stops people from using your trophies as a makeshift glass!

Pack of cards – no Pre-Funk is complete without a pack of cards .The possibilities are endless. So always have a pack or two handy! You can transform a night with a simple pack to bring out the After Hours Athlete’s competitive side!