After Hours Athlete Guide To: The Perfect Game Face

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Striking a pose...

“What is a game face?” We hear you ask… well, let us tell you. You know when you’re doing your best to score, be that on the pitch, the court or the bar, and you have to concentrate on the game? That face you’re not aware you’re showing, that’s your game face. Let us help you make the most of it…

Be near a reflection – if you want to increase your chances of scoring both on and off the court and not look like a loser, make sure you’re near a reflection to keep your game face in check!

Close your mouth – It's an easy mistake to make if you’re concentrating too hard on getting the result, but keep your gob shut and the game open!

Relax – it’s easy to begin scrunching your face up as you look to concentrate on scoring, so try and look relaxed and cool! Trust us, it’ll improve your game!

Smile – everyone loves a winner, but not one that takes themselves too seriously! So when you’ve scored remember to crack a smile ;)

How do you strike your perfect game face?