After Hours Athlete Guide To: Taking Time Out

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Party too hard last night? Get on the road to recovery!

Sometimes being an After Hours Athlete can be hard work, so we’ve put together a couple of tried and tested tips to taking time out and getting on the road to recovery!

No matter what you do to aid the recovery process after a hard night partying, we'd advise you to follow these easy steps:

Day in bed – nothing quite gets an After Hours Athlete back on their feet like a day in bed! Rest is your best friend after a big night out, so make sure you have a comfy bed /couch/floor nearby!

Fried food – the ultimate pick-me-up! There’s something magical about fried food that helps invigorate the soul! We recommend bacon, but anything fried should do the trick.

Trashy TV – bad TV goes hand-in-hand with a day in bed! It’s a match made in heaven, so make sure you’re close to the remote and guard it with your life!

Sugar – a can of fizzy drink normally sorts out the PUMA Social team after a hard nights partying! Try it. We guarantee you’ll feel a bit better!

How do you go about taking it easy?