After Hours Athlete Guide To: Social Animals

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Who's the leader of your pack?


On a good night it doesn’t take much to bring out the animal in a fun-loving group of friends. We’re Social animals after all - but, do you know your night owls from your turtles?

Fortunately your pals at PUMA Social do - and to make sure that you surround yourself with a good mix of mates, we’ve put together key characteristics of every Social animal!

Hint - make sure you have some monkeys and chameleons in the group and you’ll be in for a treat – and try not to be a turtle!

Lion – all groups needs a leader, which is good news for the lion as they love to be in the action! Lions can be easily identified as the brave, protective types who nobody messes with.

Social chameleon – hang around with a chameleon or two and you’re guaranteed a good night! They chat away to their hearts content with anyone and everyone and the fun’s never far away.

Night owl – every bunch of mates has someone who comes alive in the evening. They can often be found partying until the last song and sleeping in past lunch!  

Cheeky monkey the person who gets all laughs and keeps everybody entertained.  Hang around with a couple of cheeky monkeys and you’ll be smiling all night long!

Turtle –there's always one who stays in their shell. Try not to help them out!

What kind of animal are you and your friends on a night out?