After Hours Athlete Guide To: Recovery

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Get back to your best, as soon as the game is over!

For any athlete, one of the most important ways of staying at the top of your game is taking plenty of time to recover from night-time activities. Here’s our handy guide to help you get back to your best as soon as the game is over.

Sofa time – if you get home early, treat yourself to a date with the sofa (duvets optional). We recommend drifting in and out of consciousness with no sharp movements to aid maximum recovery.

Your favorite takeaway – whether it be pizza, southern fried chicken or Mexican – tuck into some delicious fast food to set you on the road to recovery! We simply swear by it and so should you!

Reality TV – if you’re spending the day on the sofa in a semi-conscious state, it would be sacrilege not to accompany it with some reality TV. If this doesn’t help you recover, nothing will!

Carbonated drinks – the pros say carbonated drinks won’t do much to help your hangover, but for one PUMA Socialite it did! So there you are! Do it!

How do you recover from a big night out?