After Hours Athlete Guide to: Pulling Out the Best Moves in Town

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Sweep the dance floor with these classic moves!

We all know how important it is for you guys to look great when pulling out those spontaneous dance moves, so we’ve brainstormed some traditional moves you can take to the floor!

Robot – an absolute gem of a move! The masses simply adore the robot which has become something of a crowd favorite thanks to PUMA Football star Peter Crouch! You too, can wow audiences with this mesmerizing move, but first you must decide on which type of robot you want to be: the working or broken robot!

Running man – a timeless classic! This was move was popular throughout the 80’s and 90’s and has been creeping back on to packed dance floors all over the world ever since. The secret to this move is getting your legs moving as quickly as possible to give the illusion that you are running as fast as you can but in place!

Break dance – a legendary dance from way back in the 70’s that everybody knows and loves. If you tear up the dance floor with some break dancing, you’ll surely win the hearts of any party. But watch out! Some of the moves are pretty athletic, so limber up before you begin battling it out for a b-boying title!

Bogle – this Reggae dancehall classic is all about the hips and hands! It rose to prominence during the 90’s and has remained a dance floor classic ever since! It maybe the easiest to perfect, but it looks fantastic and is a great way to stand out at a club!

Let us know how you shake it!