After Hours Athlete Guide To: Picking The Right Team

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Who's in your team?

Getting the right team together for a big night out is not as easy as it sounds! But it’s important. Very important! Any leader will tell you it’s about trying to get balance right with people who complement, not fight each other.

We’ve identified a couple of characters every group needs to have for an awesome evening! You’ll thank us for it.

Joker – make sure you have a joker or two in the pack!  Be a wingman for the evening and you‘ll be in for a great night!

Organizer – all groups have someone who makes sure things run smoothly and gets you to the next bar on time. Nobody wants to be known for this, but every good team has one!

Charmer – does one of your mates have the gift of the gab and the ability to talk themselves out of scrapes and into people’s affections? Stick with them. Fun is never far away!

Dancer – everyone loves to throw some shapes on the dance floor, but not everyone’s John Travolta! But make sure there’s someone who is a worse dancer than you.

Driver – stop off for a takeaway, but make sure you get home safe and sound! Have a designated driver. Remember to thank them!