After Hours Athlete Guide To: Picking a Classic Soundtrack

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Music can make or break a night out...

Everyone’s musical tastes are different – what are the key ingredients to selecting the right songs to get you going?

Here at PUMA, we’ve come up with these trusty questions to ask yourself or your friends. Remember the more questions you can answer ‘yes’ to, the closer you are to picking a classic soundtrack – trust us!

Does the tune make you wanna dance? Pulling some shapes to classic soundtracks go hand in hand to create an awesome night out. We all know that – so if the tune doesn’t make you dance, just walk on by!

Do people know the words? If you want to make a good night, a great one, throw in an anthem that people can sing to! There’s nothing better than a spot of impromptu karaoke – just make sure the neighbors are out...

Can you crank it up? Some soundtracks sound better when the volumes cranked up to the max! If you can turn up a tune and people are still dancing, or even better, singing - you’re on to a winner! Go on, turn up that volume!

Will it get the party started? This one is kinda hard to explain, but classic soundtracks just get a party started! You’ll know it when it happens. People will be moving like there’s nobody watching!

We’ll leave you with two words of advice above all else when it comes to picking a classic soundtrack.

Don’t compromise.