After Hours Athlete Guide To: Photo Booth Etiquette

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Taking a perfect picture...

An After Hours Athlete always wants to look their best, especially when given an opportunity to get in on a photo. We know you like to cram into tight photo booths with your fellow After Hours Athletes, we’ve seen you… Let us help you develop the right look for that all important photo.

Find a reflection – before bundling into the photo booth check out your reflection to make sure you’re looking good! A mirror is ideal, but anything with a reflection will do the job just fine.

Strike a pose – everyone has one. Make yours count.

Pile in – we’ve said it time and time again. Life’s more fun with more people! Pile into the photo booth for some truly memorable snaps! How many can you fit in?

Open those eyes – you don’t want to look like a loser with your eyes shut do you? No! Then make sure you keep ‘em open.

Smile – going out with your mates is all about having a great time! Don’t be afraid to smile and let the whole world know you’re having an awesome night - or morning.