After Hours Athlete Guide To: Getting That Number

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Swapping numbers?  It's encouraged

Sometimes the name of the game on a night out is coming away with phone number. Let us tell you our strategy, and then we want to hear your tactics! 

Maintain eye contact - Keep a clear view of the bar. You've got to make sure you don't miss the perfect chance to get a drink and get your game on.

Choose your line - When playing a game, be it air hockey, pool or getting some digits, make sure you pick the best line of approach and stick with it.

Be sociable - Don't underestimate the task in hand and get talking with the other players in the venue, it's the only way you'll get to know who's a serious contender.

Get talking - If you don't know the lingo, get up to speed and use words to get you through the game, a little banter can be a game changer.