After Hours Athlete Guide To: Catching That 5AM Cab

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How to get that ride home...

But how does a PUMA Socialite do so?

The last thing you want to be thinking about is organizing a cab home, so us cool cats at PUMA Social have been thinking about it, so you don’t have to!

Get to the front – you’ve been out all night, but now you want to get home and hit the sheets, right? Then live on the edge and cheat your way up to the front of the cab line.

Go home with someone – not only is this for safety reasons, but life’s more fun when you’re not alone. So make sure it’s not just you getting in the cab!

Have some cash ready – if there’s one way to annoy a cab driver, ‘cause lets face it, nobody wants to be up at 5am - and sober, it’s not having some money to pay them. So make sure you do!

Stay awake – It’s a horrible idea to fall asleep in a cab and it’s probably the most difficult tip to follow. Just make sure you don’t nod off and miss your stop ‘cause you’ll certainly regret it.

Tell us how you make it back home on a wild night.