After Hours Athlete Guide To: Being A Team Player

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On a night out, going alone just doesn’t work. 

We tried it once and it was bad. Really bad. Instead you’ve got to get your fellow After Hours Athletes together and get to it as a team. Let us help you be the glue that keeps your crew together!

Here’s some PUMA Social certified tips that will help you be the glue that keeps your crew together! After all, teams work better when they’re working together!

Organization – all successful teams that work together are organized. Whether it is winning the foosball league or heading for the takeaway, you can do your bit for the team by being organized or if you really fancy it, the organizer!

Group decision – it can be difficult getting everyone to decide on where to go. Make sure it’s a group decision and they reach the outcome you want! We’re not saying persuade people to do what you want to do…actually yes we are!

Stick together – it’s all about sticking together as a team on a big night out! Life’s more fun with more people! In fact we’ve come up with this trusty formula! Let us know what you think:

People + more people = laughs + good time!

How do you go about keeping your team together?