A Platoon of Gangnam Style

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We venture into the heart of fancy Gangnam and discover the sweet spot of underground cool.

One of Seoul’s hottest meccas of underground fun isn’t located down some dingy alley or forgotten back pocket of the city, but right here in Gangnam. Yes, that Gangnam – where the newly rich flaunt their brand-name luxury goods. It’s High Street on steroids, acid, or maybe both. Not exactly where you’d expect to find a satellite of a notorious Berlin club, but yet there’s nothing about Platoon Kusthalle that makes total sense.

Surrounded by tall concrete office buildings, luxury department stores, and upscale bars is this seemingly random pile of 28 stacked cargo containers. We had to know: What’s inside? Turns out, it varies by night.

One Saturday night, the space morphs into a flea market, where we can find one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and mingle with fellow weekend fashionistas sipping on beer cocktails made from local brews. Other nights, we might stroll into an art exhibition or a stage performance featuring the works of the up-and-coming artists lucky enough to occupy the studio residencies in the building.

On a recent Tuesday night before a Korean national holiday, Platoon hosted a DJ for a night of flashing strobes, projector art, and lots of good vibes among throngs of international teammates.

Our rec? Head to Platoon for one of their Creative Cities nights. It’s basically a city-themed night, in which there’s a movie screening followed by a party with the drink and food menu inspired by the city du jour. (Or is it, du soir? Pardon our French.) Check out their events page for the details on the next one.

Photos courtesy of Hyun Soo Suh