Alex Saidac - Stay In This Moment

In a business where “manufactured” has become a byword, Alex Saidac has announced her arrival with “Stay In This Moment.” A self-made young pop star and respected songwriter, Alex is definitely a musician who demands to be noticed.


Working with the respected Stockholm production duo of Oscar Holter and Jake Erixson, she has developed her own sound and it has certified her as someone who definitely cannot be labelled as a manufactured pop princess.

Alex grew up listening to soul music and has a passion for Motown, and also cites other musical heroes such as Pharrell Williams, Jay-Z and the Foo Fighters. Whilst these influences don’t directly standout in her music, their notoriety has informed and enabled Alex to enhance her own style.

The self-penned single “Stay In This Moment” shows Alex’s musical development since her debut “We Shine”. From just one listen it is apparent why this progressive dance / pop song is currently setting the clubs alight across the globe, from her native Sweden to as far away as Australia.


PUMA have been proud to support exciting emerging artist Alex Saidac since 2011. Her unique sound is matched by the fresh PUMA style. See if you can spot it in the video. Enjoy!