15 Oct

Vice Night featuring Win Win at PUMA Social LA

Head on over to the PUMA Social Club in LA at the Sunset Towers for a live performance by Win Win. Enjoy the solid beats while mixing and mingling with other after hours athletes. 

Win Win is the brainchild of XXXChange, the renowned producer for Stanogold, Amanda Blank, Spank Rock and Kele Okereke of Bloc Party to name a few. Along with two friends, Ghostdad and Chris, Win Win is a choreographed audio / visual performance that involves djing music and videos simultaneously when they play live. Self coined as "psychedelic rave," Win Win come up with sketches using samples, instruments, cell phone recordings, guitar licks, etc and throw them into a collective pile where they get pulled apart and put together again with new sounds and synths.

Their forthcoming album out on VICE in early 2011 features guest vocalists such as Alexis from Hot Chip and Lizzie from Gang Gang Dance.

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