What's Your XC Team's Traditions?

  • The Running Team
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The races are about to begin. Your team hasn’t let up all summer. Mentally, you’ve already tackled each trail, hill, and corner. Individually and as a team you’re ready to run. We want to know how you’re going to get amped for that first starting gun?

Who hosts your pasta dinners and what are the rituals that will take place after you’ve eaten? How does your sacred chant, dance, or motivational song go? What is it that will get your team pumped up and ready to bolt? Is there someone on your team who’s in charge of pre-race playlists or does your team stay focused in silence?

We want to hear from you. What is it that makes your team your team. What sets you apart in terms of support, encouragement and loyalty. Who is the teammate that sets the standard for pre-race inspiration? Let us know, we may want to steal some ideas for our own upcoming races. Feel free to use the space below or our online communities on Facebook and Twitter.