What Would You Like to See Usain Bolt Race Against?

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As the world’s fastest person, Usain Bolt has shown us, race after race, world record after world record, the depth of human speed potential. We know when he steps in the blocks - no matter who’s on either side - he will do all he can to finish first and finish fast. But what if Bolt’s competition wasn’t a person? What if Bolt could represent how human speed stacks up against mechanical muscle or what would happen if he sprinted side by side with some of the world’s quickest creatures?

Obviously, it may not be all that safe to put Usain Bolt in a lane next to a lion, for example, but with a little creativity, it’s not hard to see how the two might compare. What’s more, the competition may not even have to take place on a track. Maybe it might be interesting to see if Usain’s feet fall faster during a 100m dash than a bird’s wing beat, or if his reaction time off the line is faster than a race car?

Not only are questions like these fun though, sometimes the answers can surprise us in how impressive human potential can really be. With that in mind, feel free to share your wildest ideas of what you’d like to see Usain Bolt race. Who knows, if some of your ideas are exciting enough, we may have to crunch some numbers and share the results in a future post, so be sure to make full use of the comment box below, or our networks on Facebook or Twitter

Photo courtesy of clevelandleader.com.