What Type of Running Shoe Do You Sport?

  • The Running Team
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Do you seek the most cushioned ride possible? Do you prefer the real feel of the road under your feet? Or do you skip shoes altogether and go barefoot any chance you get?

Everyone from the runner on the track to the marathon racer has a specific preference. Different needs, unique looks—that’s what we’re seeing at the track and on the streets. We want to know what you love to run in whether it’s your everyday trainers or the ones that push you across the finish line for all the glory.

So let us know. Until then, here’s what we do know: Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world and when he’s crushing it he’s wearing PUMA’s Faas 500, a lightweight neutral trainer that delivers for everyday training and magic tricks. When Bolt switches it up he shows off his moves with PUMA’s Faas 300, a lightweight trainer that delivers a close-to-the-road feel, speed drills, and sweet tricks. When he’s on the run, we’re watching to see just how fast he’ll go next. Seeing is believing, and now we want to see what you’ve got on.

Now that you’re in the know, let us know—what is it that you’re wearing? Feel free to share all your thoughts in the comment box below, or in our online communities on Facebook and Twitter