What Advice do you have for Usain Bolt?

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If you were Usain Bolt's coach, what advice would you give him before his big race?

After three years as the world’s fastest man, it should be easy for Usain Bolt. Stepping into the blocks with the same confidence, swagger and joy should be as natural as breathing for the seemingly unbeatable sprinter. Exploding once set with such speed as if to rival the starting gun’s sound should be nothing more than reflex for the aptly named Bolt. But “should” in sprinting is practically gibberish. Faulty spikes, false starts, falls – anything could happen in the split second window a world class runner has to become a world champion. Yet Usain always seems to keep his cool, keep his smile and keep winning year after year. What’s his secret?

This weekend, Usain Bolt will lace up his spikes to literally take on the world again in Daegu, South Korea for the 2011 World Championships in Athletics. But this year, Bolt has voiced concerns that he may not be able to match his previous record shattering results. If you were his coach, what race day advice would you give Bolt to keep him on track? What would you recommend he eat before his races? What would be the best way for him to calm his nerves? Or, given Bolt’s undeniable passion for running, do you think he’d need any race-day coaching at all? Feel free to share your thoughts and tips in the comment box below, or in our running communities on Facebook and Twitter.

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