Usain Bolt Sets the Tone for His 2012 Season with a Time of 9.82!!!

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From his home country of Jamaica, in his first race of the year – his first step on the road to London – Usain Bolt made a 9.82 second statement to the world.

Despite posting a new world leading time in the 100m dash, winning with considerable security, and hitting the fastest start to a season ever, Bolt did not have a look of satisfaction on his face when he crossed the finish line. His expression, instead, was one of determination and hunger. The world’s fastest man, it seems, is still starving to go even faster!

The race itself had a rather shaky beginning with two false starts called before the event could officially get underway. Bolt, however, was unshaken by the disruptions and when the gun sounded, he exploded from the blocks and controlled the race the whole way.

What Bolt’s 9.82s performance really means, only time will tell, but it’s still exciting to imagine… What do you think Usain Bolt’s first time of the season suggests for London 2012? Tell us your thoughts, theories, and expectations on Facebook and Twitter!

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