Usain Bolt Builds the Excitement for Tomorrow’s 200 Meter Final

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After cruising into the semi-finals with a comfortable yet field-leading time of 20.30 seconds, Usain Bolt continued his controlled dominance over the competition with a safe 20.31 second semi-final performance to secure a place in the 200 meter final on September 3rd at 8:20 am EST (21:20 Korean time).

Only out-paced on time by Christophe Lemaitre of France (20.17 seconds) in an earlier semi-final heat, Bolt will run tomorrow’s final with strong competitors including Walter Dix of the United States and fellow Jamaican Nickel Ashmeade on either side of him.

In both races, Usain Bolt entered the blocks with the same joyful, relaxed and ever-entertaining attitude that has become his hallmark. As if to answer the critics who have questioned his pre-race antics, Bolt added a few meditative martial art-like moves before taking his mark – seemingly suggesting the true focus behind his unshaken smile. Equally relaxed yet focused in his races, Bolt blasted out to early leads before breaking form, looking to either side for his closest competitors then doing just enough to coast across the finish in first. What may be frightening to the rest of the field – and all the more exciting for the world watching – Bolt’s in race rhythm has yet to reach its top gear in this competition. How fast Bolt may run in this year’s final is as much a mystery as it was in past record setting years, yet there’s still no question, something special awaits for tomorrow’s race.

How fast do you think Usain Bolt will run? Do you think any athletes in the field have the potential to challenge history’s fastest man? Feel free to share all your thoughts in the buildup to tomorrow’s final in the comment box below or in our running communities on Facebook and Twitter.