UNBEATABLE! Usain Bolt captures another 200m World Champion Title

  • The Running Team
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Chalking up yet another historic mark, Usain Bolt takes the gold in the 200 meter dash with a time of 19.40 seconds – the fastest time clocked this year and the fourth fastest time ever run. 

Though not his best start, Bolt quickly established a lead after the first 70 meters which he extended through to the finish. His closest competitors, posting equally impressive times – perhaps pushed by the Jamaican’s pace – were Walter Dix of the United States – taking silver at 19.70 seconds, and Christophe Lemaitre, setting a national record for France at 19.80 seconds.

Finishing with gritted teeth in determination, as if smiling though clearly pushing through to the end, Bolt demonstrated true class in taking home yet another world title. Still unbeaten at 200 meters since 2007, Usain Bolt has added yet another credential to his already legendary running résumé – without a doubt, deserving the high congratulatory praise from his home country of Jamaica and from the world at large.

A true ambassador for Track and Field, Usain Bolt’s extraordinary achievements and charismatic performances exemplify the beauty and excitement of the sport, and for that we hope you’ll join us all here at PUMA in congratulating this great athlete. If you have any messages you’d like to share with Usain Bolt, feel free to use our pages on Facebook and Twitter, or the space in the comment box below.