Tips for Cold Weather Running

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Falling temperatures and fewer daylight hours don't mean that your outdoor running routine has to go into hibernation for the winter. Running through the cold weather can help shake those winter blues, improve your energy level, and guarantee that you'll be in better shape once bathing suit season rolls around. Follow these tips for cold weather running:
by Christine Luff on

Pay Attention to Temperature and Wind Chill If the wind is strong, it penetrates your clothes and removes the insulating layer of warm air around you. Your movement also creates wind chill because it increases air movement past your body. If the temperature dips below zero or the wind chill is below minus 20, hit the treadmill instead.

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Additional tips include: Protect Your Hands and Feet, Dress in Layers, Avoid Overdressing, Don't Forget Your Head, Watch for Frostbite, Check With Your MD, Get Some Shades, Don't Stay in Wet Clothes, Stay Hydrated