The PUMA Speed Trap Winners of the NYC Marathon Expo

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Here's to the NYC Marathon Expo PUMA Speed Trap Winners!

PUMA Running wants to congratulate the winners of our PUMA Speed Trap contest, which took place at the NYC Marathon Expo. The PUMA Speed Trap device measures a person's running speed in MPH.  For three days, runners took to the “trap” and showed off their speedy skills.

The results are in for the fastest man and woman each day as well as the overall fastest person who competed!

Doniel Dennis (Fastest Overall) - 16.54mph
Olivia Stevanin -  13.70mph

Hai Tran - 15.34mph
Francesca Saraniero - 12.89mph

Bernard Chu - 14.40mph
Richele Frank - 13.24mph

The champion was Doniel Dennis, who ran a super speedy 16.54mph through the PUMA Speed Trap! that is impressive!

A hearty congratulations to Doniel Dennis and all the other runners who participated in the PUMA Speed Trap competition!

A few of you out there have been asking, and here you go!  If you weren’t able to make it to the expo, US fans can purchase the PUMA/NYC Marathon tees at the link below. 

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