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October 2012

June 2012

  • Fitness Fashion Facts: Japan

    Fitness Fashion Facts: Japan

    June 04, 2012

    We don’t believe in borders when it comes to fitness, but from fitness fashion to workout trends, there’s plenty of cultural vibe to explore out there. When you’re visiting another city, state, or country, there are a lot of ways to get to know the local culture: seeing the sights, eating the eats, and partaking in indigenous customs are just a few possibilities. Another way to taste a culture is to dip into its fitness scene because each place has it’s own flavor. So join us on a virtual trip to Japan to get the scoop on Tokyo’s fitness fashion.

December 2011

  • Weekend Guide To... Tokyo

    Weekend Guide To... Tokyo

    December 21, 2011

    Japanese capital and most populous city in the world, Tokyo is full of people and full of life! Famous for its incredible concrete panorama, technological innovations, fashion innovations, old world shrines and stone lanterns, anime/manga, VERY fine dining, Sake, the Shibuya Crossing, HUUUUGE shopping malls, karaoke, big men in giant diapers and a lot of never-ending neon nightlife. Sounds like PUMA Social, right?

October 2011

  • Japanese Grand Prix: The PUMA Perspective

    Japanese Grand Prix: The PUMA Perspective

    October 11, 2011

    After 15 gruelling races in which he failed to finish lower than fourth, Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing clinched the 2011 FIA World Championship for Drivers on Sunday in Japan. The 24-year-old German placed third – having needed just one point – in the thrilling 53-lap race at the classic Suzuka circuit to put the title beyond reach of his only remaining challenger Jenson Button, who took his McLaren to a third 2011 race victory.

  • Alex Hofmann: Motegi Round Up

    Alex Hofmann: Motegi Round Up

    October 03, 2011

    The Japanese Moto Grand Prix promised so much for PUMA’s partner team Ducati, yet in the end delivered just a seventh place for Nicky Hayden. Valentino Rossi, riding the second red bike, was pushed wide and into the gravel on the opening lap, ending the Italian legend’s impressive run of 26 consecutive points’ finishes.

September 2011

  • Japan MotoGP: The PUMA Perspective

    Japan MotoGP: The PUMA Perspective

    September 30, 2011

    The background to this Sunday’s Japanese MotoGP round is well documented: following the earthquake/tsunami which hit the home of Honda/Yamaha/Bridgestone in March, this event, originally scheduled for 24th April, was postponed to this weekend.

August 2011

  • World Cup Warm Up Summary 13th-14th August

    World Cup Warm Up Summary 13th-14th August

    August 15, 2011

    With the World Cup getting closer all the time, the August internationals offered players the last chance to impress before their coaches decide who will be making the flight to New Zealand.

    Here’s our exclusive round-up of the top clashes featuring a host of PUMA’s biggest rugby stars!

June 2010

  • Impressive Football

    Impressive Football

    June 14, 2010

    Without impressing too much, Holland did cap the win against Denmark. What was expected to be a hyper offensive football fest with players like Sneijder, van der Vaart, van Persie, Babel, Jan Huntelaar and Robben (last three didn't even play) - the Oranje didn't get the game flowing as they wanted and we expected. But they did manage to come out as winners, and doing that in a World Cup without impressing is impressive enough.