Spreading Fitness as a Lifestyle

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We’re going to tell you a secret, but you have to promise to tell everyone. There’s more to working out than earning extra brownie points and prepping for bikini season. Those kinds of fitness goals fuel surreptitious workouts done in solitude; they make us focus on just numbers—on the scale and on the packages. These goals make us celebrate only when we’re disappearing, when what we should be doing is marking a loud presence on the world.

At PUMA, we bring fitness out in the open as a lifestyle shared with friends. We don’t stand for punishing our bodies but for celebrating what they can do.

And we’re going for max volume. PUMA has combined all the right stuff into our energizing group fitness campaign called BodyTrain. On our website, we’re trading nutrition tips from experts, exercise ideas from elite athletes, and stylish outfits to celebrate your working body. On the streets, we’re taking you out of under those dark gym lights and into the sun for perfect mix of fun and fierce workouts led by fitness experts.

So grab a friend and make fitness part of your lifestyle because working out together makes for more fun and a better workout. Research on college rowers found that rowing in sync increases chemicals in the brain that ward off pain, letting the rowers work harder for a longer period of time than they would have if they’d rowed solo. These chemicals called endorphins are the same “feel good hormones” responsible for the super-feel-good runner’s high. But this research shows you don’t have to run a marathon to get that good-feeling…all you need is a group of people to share your workout.

Whether it’s a big race or getting through that Wednesday evening workout, sharing goals and accomplishments makes the effort worthwhile. And we all know a healthy dose of friendly competition isn’t so bad, either!

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