Savile Row Has Nothing on the East End

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From street art to street style, we took to London’s Brick Lane and chatted up some teammates who are redefining London style.

The East End is London’s epicentre of trendsetting fashion and late-night antics. From killer street art to epic parties, we like to think of the East End as London’s more stylish (and cooler) younger sibling.

This summer, while all eyes are on the visiting athletes from around the world, we sneaked out of our own party at the PUMA Yard to take a look at the summer street fashion of our local teammates.

We met designers, artists and filmmakers, and every one had their own unique take on London street style. But there’s one thing many of these After Hours Athletes do have in common with the world’s fastest man—they love to rock the latest PUMA gear.

Paul, Social Media Guy: Brick Lane’s no place for shrinking violets, and Paul sports his blue PUMAs because they’re the brightest shoes he could find.


Pascale, Fashion Designer: Floral print housedress? Socks with sandals? The way Pascale makes vintage look contemporary has us convinced she stole a page from the Bolt Lite Mid playbook…


Daniel, Bartender: A (sort-of) reformed world traveller, Paul lives in Brick Lane for the mix of culture and ideas—and the chance to plan his next trip in between pouring draughts.


Dominic, Illustrator: If you’re inspired by street art like Dominic, there’s no better place to live and work than Brick Lane.


Holly, Set Designer: The East End’s sweet stash of second-hand shops are Holly’s go-to spot for finding props.


Chris, Hairdresser: For Chris, it’s all about form and function: His PUMAs make a statement, and they just happen to be the most comfortable pair of shoes he’s ever owned.


Will, Designer: Old-school kicks aren’t just a fashion statement. Will won’t ever give up this pair of PUMAS—they remind him of too many good nights out.


Have you spotted any killer street styles lately? Show us the goods!


All photos by Thomas Giddings.