Sarnico-Lovere. True Love

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Where to run is in your Nature. The story of the race!

So many thunders that eventually it did not rain. And fortunately, because Sarnico-Lovere is such a spectacle of the race, more than you can imagine, and it would be a shame having to run in the rain. Low clouds, a few drops and a few gust of wind but in the end the rain jackets have remained dry. Such a strange feeling running on the road along the lake unusually without cars. All who just run and sweat. It is so much changed. The images and sounds. Takes effect only hear the sound of the soles, and the breath of someone who is struggling, the eerie silence in the tunnels. Effect does run with a swollen lake side that seems to come out at any moment. You stand and look across entire countries in party applauding, that instantly you realize how far the chaos and the horns of the city are. For more than 2700 athletes at the start last Sunday it was a sport in its pure state, a full immersion in a hurry. Every year more sign that not only are back, but word spread and then there's also many others. It is the word of mouth among runners who works more than an advertisement. People demanding how they could love to fatigue, getting up at dawn, challenge rain and snow; but also loves to feel pampered. Here nothing is missing from start to finish. Everything works and just look at the endless line of buses waiting at dawn at the hotel who is in Lovere to bring people to Sarnico starting to understand that organizing a race like this is not a joke. Just taking a look at this almost Teutonic organization of the area which has to return bags at the end to realize that those behind the Sarnico Lovere-racing connoisseurs. Just look around you. A huge river of people. Tired, sweaty but satisfied.

Even the last ones, almost out of time with the cars begin to move and the rain starts pouring down...