Runner's World Challenge Run on Newbury Street with Bart Yasso

  • The PUMA Running Team
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Marathoners, Runners, and Athletes alike - join PUMA at our Newbury St. location during Boston Marathon weekend for a shake-out run! Running legend Bart Yasso will be joining us for motivation and to give marathoners some last minute tips the weekend before the marathon. After joining us for a 2-3 mile leisurely jog, feel free to stay and explore our Newbury St. location. Participants will receive free food, refreshments, and 20% discount on all our in-store items.

Whether you are a marathon runner, or just a PUMA Running fanatic, shaking out those restless legs on a Saturday morning for some exercise can do you some good. Marathon Monday is quickly approaching, and instead of pushing yourself to the limits, a short tapered run will keep you best prepared for the competition.

"Tapering" is very beneficial preparation for marathon runners just 2-4 weeks before the marathon day. Tapered runs allow athletes to wind down from their vigorous marathon training, in order to store energy properly for the big race. But just because you're winding down to store energy, it doesn't mean you have to tone down the intensity! Doctors and experienced athletes both recommend short but strong runs in the first three weeks before a marathon. Marathoners must to be sure that they don’t push themselves too much or too little before the big day so that their bodies can properly store energy and repair muscles without tearing them.

PUMA is holding this Runners World Challenge to bring together the Boston running community to encourage this healthy preparation before Marathon Monday. The run will start in front of the Newbury St Store (for the location click here to view our storefinder), and will occur throughout the Copley Square and Boston Public Gardens.

So whether you're a marathoner coming to warm up those muscles two days before the race, or if you're just a PUMA Running fan looking for some running tips to stay in shape, come join us for the Runners World Challege with Bart Yasso and inspire your speed!

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