Put Yourself in Usain Bolt's Shoes. What Would You Do Next?

  • The Running Team
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By now you know the scoop: Usain Bolt holds World Records for the 100m, 200m, and the 4x100m relay and Olympic Records in the 100m and 200m. He has three shiny gold medals that have Olympic memories engraved in them and even more World Championship medals to match. In a word, Usain Bolt is fast. Really fast.

Now what we want to know is: what would you do if you were Usain. Imagine you had the medals and the honors. Think about how it must feel to control those swift legs. Now picture how you’d celebrate. And relax. And celebrate some more.

Would you eat all the sweets you’ve been abstaining from for months straight? Are pizzas and donuts calling your name? Would you take a trip to the dessert to see if you could outrun a cheetah? How about chilling out on the beach with friends and a giant bonfire? Or would you keep on running?

If you were Usain, and you had done all he has done would you go for more or would you take a breath while you smiled at all you’ve accomplished? Share your thoughts on what you would do and/or what Usain Bolt should do. Feel free to use the space below or our online communities on Facebook and Twitter.