PUMA?s Spring/Summer 2010 Video

  • The Running Team
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This is our play about play. Its packed with everything good about sport: the friends, the mishaps, the daydreams. Pretty much everything that happens by chance and makes the best memories.
It has mediocre acting but is balanced by some really superb group choreography. It also has a great story, which we wrote, threw out, and then improvised.

The Spring/Summer 2010 Collection set every scene from the race track to the bedroom (bowchikabowbow). The apparel, footwear, and accessories are made for performance with their cutting edgiest material technologies and slick constructions. But, as we show in this little project of ours, the collection is also incredibly social: enabling friendships and Fu Manchu mustaches.

This whole production is about everything in between the games we play. It's the good stuff, without all the drama.

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