PUMA Will Be in NYC for the New York Marathon, Will You?

  • The Running Team
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For serious distance runners, very few races can compare to the size and excitement presented by the New York Marathon. As the song goes, “if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere,” which is why this weekend, we’ll be in the Big Apple to help all athletes and supporters make the most of this great event.

Based out of the Jacob Javits Expo Center November 3rd through November 5th, we’ll be hosting fun giveaways, showcasing some of the newest products in our FAAS line, and distributing marathon specific apparel from booth #: 628 – 632.

Also, November 5th, with support from Paragon Sports and Runner’s World, be sure to catch our special pre-race, three mile “Shake Out Run.” The short warm up for Sunday’s big event is a great chance to meet some of the editors and experts at Runner’s World as well as fellow runners. For more information about the PUMA events at the New York Marathon, check out the event page here.

As much as marathons are about physical training and dedication, they are also sources for powerful, life long stories. From the legend of the very first marathoner who ran the 26.2 miles clad in full armor only to die once proclaiming a message of victory, to modern warriors who run to battle for social, medical and other genuine causes – everyone has a tale to tell about why they’re running. In the spirit of this year’s New York Marathon, we hope you’ll share your own stories with us in person this weekend, in the comment box below or via our online running communities on facebook and twitter.