PUMA Survival Run in Serengeti Park

  • The Running Team
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The first ever PUMA Survival Run took place last weekend in the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, Germany. About 1,200 courageous runners tested their survival instincts as they encountered numerous natural and simulated barricades.

The run began at 1:30pm and covered a 16km course around the park.  The Survivors climbed steep gradients, ran through rapid rivers, crossed foggy passages, and scrambled in the mud under camouflage nets.  The wild animals of the park helped create the perfect setting for a true survivor feeling.

The first male Survivor to finish was Ralf Härle (VfL Börnsen) who finished the course in 58:21.  Nadine Lofaki (TuS Wunstorf) was the first female finisher in a time of 1:07:08.  The winners were rewarded with PUMA accessories and a Serengeti Park voucher comprising free entrance and accommodation in the park.  All Survivors celebrated their achievements with a delicious post-race BBQ Party.