PUMA Sponsors 2000 Mile Run from Boston to Austin

  • The Running Team
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PUMA is pleased to sponsor three brave athletes on a very exciting yet daunting expedition that will see them running 2000 miles from Boston to Austin over a period of 75 days!  On September 15, the three men (Scott Jenkins (29) and his brother Rhys Jenkins (22) from the UK, and Rusty Tolliver (24) from Texas) will leave Boston to embark on this ultra endurance challenge that could see them break the World Record for most consecutive marathons while raising money for charity.

During the two and half months the guys will encounter challenging terrain, adverse weather, and possibly the occasional wild animal.  The men will pass through 9 different states, 100 different towns, and 9 cities while covering between 26.2 miles to 40 miles per day.

The run was designed to raise awareness for three charities: British Heart Foundation (BHF), Help for Heroes/ Salute America's Heroes (UK and USA respectively), and Young Texans against Cancer (YTAC).

Learn more about the guys and their remarkable journey at: www.2000milerun.com.