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Award-winning Mobium Elite, Adaptive Running™ Footwear is Enhanced to Bring Light to the Night Run

Following the Summer 2013 launch of the latest innovation in running technology with Adaptive Running™— the Mobium Elite, recently awarded “2013 Best Debut” by Runner’s World China for its innovation, technology, comfort and mobility, PUMA releases the new Mobium Elite Glow this Autumn 2013.

For the Mobium Glow, the inspiration was the cat’s ability to adapt to dim or low visibility conditions. Felinos são noturnos por natureza. Seus olhos refletem qualquer luz que passa por sua retina, fazendo com que brilhem. This attribute is translated to Mobium ‘s glow-in-the-dark and reflective features.

As Mobium Elite adapts to your natural running movement, the Mobium Elite Glow adapts to your environment. Equipped with the same innovative features as those of its predecessor – the Mobium Band enhances one’s natural spring, the Expansion Pods help reinforce cushioning, protection, and flexibility in all the right places and the Windlass Chassis changes in length, height, and proportion with your foot for natural movement. The Mobium Glow is enhanced with reflective and glow-in-the-dark features that ensure visibility to keep you protected while you run, whether it be during the day, night or low light conditions.

Charge the shoes by exposing them to bright sunlight or bright artificial light. Quanto mais brilhante e próxima a luz estiver, melhor será a "carga". Dependendo da carga, o brilho poderá durar de 45 minutos a 2 horas. After each use, to get better Glow effect, clean and wipe Glow areas with a damp cloth.


Mobium Elite Glow