PUMA Faas 500 Captures the Hearts of Runners in Brazil - Voted "Best Launch in 2011"

  • The Running Team
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Each year the readers of Contra Relógio, Brazil's most prestigous specialty running magazine, eagerly wait for the release of the August issue. Why? It's when the yearly Shoe Review is released. 

So who were the lucky winners of this year's review? Unsurprising to us, our Faas 500 ran away with the  "Best Launch in 2011' award. 

Curious about what they had to say?

One tester was quoted saying: "The Faas 500 pleasantly surprised me. It offered me absolutely everything that I need as a runner. Extremely lightweight, comfortable and soft in a way that I was not used to, without without loosing stability. Each step felt fantastic as the shoes absorbed the impact. These are the best running shoe I've ever used".