PUMA Athlete to Watch: Eilidh Child

  • The Puma Running Team
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Part of the beauty of track and field is its uncertainty. Everything can change in a fraction of a second. As in any sport, though, you can spot patterns that hint at exciting things to come. A case in point: 400m hurdler Eilidh Child from Great Britain. 

Based on her recent track and field achievements, Eilidh seems poised for expected success and surprising results.

On July 17th, 2011, Eilidh recorded a personal best 400m dash time of 52.28 seconds in Glasgow, Scotland. Only four days later, she cemented her place as one of Great Britain’s top women in the 400m hurdles – her 55.67-second performance left Perri Shakes-Drayton as the only British woman to post a better time in 2011. Pair those results with a new full-time dedication to training and it’s not much of a stretch to think Eilidh has a promising year ahead of her.

What’s all the more exciting for Eilidh is that, historically, all of her best times have been recorded on British soil. With the Olympic Games coming to London, who knows how the home field advantage on one of the world’s grandest stages will impact her performances? What is certain, though, is that Eilidh will definitely be a runner to watch during the 2012 track and field season.

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