Not Your Typical High School Track & Field Meet: Champs 2011

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PUMA Running is headed down to Jamaica to visit "Champs" - the Jamaican High School Track&Field Championships and one of the world's most unique high school Track&Field meets. Champs is the place is where young track athletes become legends and where greats like Usain Bolt are born.

Champs is not your typical High School Track and Field meet.  Every spring, Jamaican high school athletes compete in front of crowds of people over 20,000.  This is a tradition in Jamaica that has been around over 100 years, and the young athletes keep getting faster.  The fastest are typically chosen to compete in the Penn Relays, to race against top American schools.  They better pack some Jamaican yams.   

Check out this video on the country that produces the fastest of the fast:

Not Your Typical Track Meet: Champs