More Questions for Delilah - Answered!

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Get some insight on Delilah DiCrescenzo, PUMA track star on her way to Worlds! She's answered your questions, and is ready for more. If you're dying to know something about the girl who inspired the Plain White Tee's "Hey There Delilah" hit, email them to and we'll post her answers right here on Puma Running.

What about Coach Gags' personality as a coach do you like best? -- Clint, Madison, WI

Coach Gags understands the mental aspect of the sport really well. With the training year being so long, he is good about injecting a little bit of fun into every practice. He is a pretty good crooner so it is not uncommon for him to tease us about our boyfriends or girlfriends by bursting into song. This approach puts us at ease and keeps us from getting carried away at the wrong time of the year. When it is time to be more serious, he knows exactly what to do to get us to concentrate and feel confident in our preparations.

What's one piece of gear that you can't go without? -- Jackie, Irvine, CA

Hmm, if I am limited to just one piece I'd have to say the Puma Faas 300 lightweight trainer. It is at once both sturdy and lightweight. I will use this shoe for my longer interval workouts, tempos, and any road race I do. And it doesn't hurt that it's offered in a nice selection of colors so I can look legit too.

Do you buy clothes for [Delilah's boyfriend] Will, or is he a self-made/self-dressed man? -- Drew, New Rochelle, NY

Try as I might to suggest things, Will's style is entirely his own doing. I am not taking credit for that.