Melbourne's After Hours Athletes Hit A Hole In One

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It was a Melbourne hole in one!

The Melbourne after hours athletes came out in the hundreds this weekend to celebrate the launch of PUMA Social Australia.  The party goers hit their way through nine very eccentric mini golf holes that proved to be quite the challenge, but showing true after hours athlete form there were more than a few holes in one.

The PUMA Social Club party took place at Melbourne's Good Times Studio. The studio was glowing with neon lights and was packed with after hours athletes everywhere.  As soon as the studio opened, the drinks began flowing and the place was packed with everyone ready to take on the mini golf course. The crowd enjoyed PUMA Social mini golf holes such as “The Clock Block” and “The Hamburger”.  As the players made it through the final hole, "The Walk of Shame" , they were treated to ice cream from the Mr. Wippy van parked outside.

The talent was high in Melbourne with spicy late night game skills being showcased through out the event, let's see if Sydney can measure up and beat Melbourne’s outstanding talent.

It is definitely official, the “Puma Social Season” is now open in Australia. Keep checking out the website to see what is happening next around town?!

P.S. Look out for the Puma Social Clubhouse that will be popping up early next year!!!