Made of Medal

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Usain Bolt breaks in the latest PUMA collection

Usain Bolt doesn’t have much spare time on his hands. When he does, he spends it working on his new hobby. It’s called “being legendary.” What does he collect? Medals. The gold kind. Won around the world but most recently in London. What does he do? Pose with them. Smirk with them. Shush his critics with them.

Then he gets out there and collects a few more.

Bolt flashed his latest trinkets at a recent PUMA photo shoot in Paris. (And by trinkets we mean medals. Though things did get interesting during wardrobe changes.) He was all smiles and wise-cracks while he proudly showed off his – count them with us – 1, 2, 3 medals.

Stay tuned for the full campaign and collection in Spring/Summer 2013. Which will be here before you know it because, as with all things Bolt, time just flies when you’re having this much fun.