Lecce Half Marathon: Peace RunningZen Group by Puma

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Dear runners and friends,

we are almost at the end of this running season, the period that we are going to live Summer does not present important events for the Group Pace Maker RunningZen by Puma, as the race calendar and Half Marathons Marathons is much reduced with the summer heat! Once again the boys pacemaker gave their contribution to all the runners in the Half Marathon of Lecce...

Those attending the event were approximately around 1300, a good number seen many events in the area of ​​Puglia, so the organization headed by Gigi Renis you can feel satisfied with this second edition of the Half Marathon.

With regard to the technical aspects of the race, the route of the race did not present particular difficulties due to its slope and, for the record the first 3 in the overall standings were:


Buttazzo GIANMARCO 01:05:47.15


We want to say thank you, as always, to the organization for the opportunity given to our boys to be able to help so many runners in tow; I thank the entire group as a pacemaker for the passion that it takes to make this service more professional and useful as possible, I thank the sponsor Puma that allows children as well to test Puma gear and shoes; and a special thanks goes to all the participants of the event who have been able to enjoy a great sporting experience accompanied by a beautiful sunny day!

Below I present the list of Pace Maker Half Marathon Lecce, now the boys had to take the rest as peace makers and service will resume in the fall from September to December when there will be several important events that we soon will notify you!

The group pacemaker present at the event was so composed:

Gratton John 1:24 a.m. Red Balloon
Lorusso Michele 1:24 a.m. Red Balloon
DeRobertis John 1:30 a.m. green balloon
Apples Antonio 1:30 a.m. green balloon
Theophilus Joseph 1:35 a.m. orange balloon
Maiellaro Vito 1:35 a.m. orange balloon
Margiotta David 1:40 a.m. Balloon heavenly
Di Mola Joseph 1:40 a.m. Balloon heavenly
Elephant Joseph 1:45 a.m. Balloon fuchsia
Laera Nicola 1:45 a.m. Balloon fuchsia
Gianfrate Joseph 1:50 a.m. purple balloon
Cecere Vitantonio 1:50 a.m. purple balloon
Column Francis / Paul 1:45 a.m. blue balloon
Di Bari Ottavio 1:55 a.m. blue balloon
Carucci Joseph 2:00 a.m. yellow balloon
Romagnolo Diego 2:00 a.m. yellow balloon

Keep running... keep having fun!


Ignazio Antonacci