Jamaica Clay

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In the parish of Trelawny, nature reigns supreme. Anything that punctuates nature’s relentless bounty could potentially feel one of two ways: obtrusive or positively risen from the earth. Coming upon David Pinto’s clay-making studio on the Good Hope Plantation is gloriously the latter. A tour from Ian, who has been working here for 14 years, reveals an open, simple stone building sheltering five kilns—and wooden shelves packed with pottery of astounding beauty and dimension. This studio is host to international workshops, and the RISD-educated Pinto travels the world to teach his craft. Ian shows the wood kiln that takes 60-70 hours to fire up (and must be blazing in the island heat) and proudly holds up his latest creation: a gorgeously glazed sink basin. This island is breeding ground for talent, from the fiery city to these remote, sun-dappled hills—and seeing such skill up close, especially where it’s least expected, never ceases to amaze.

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