How Do You Get Back into Your Running Routine?

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When it’s been a while since your last run, how do you get back into your normal regiment?

Whether it’s a streak of bad weather, a demanding work schedule, an unfortunate injury, or a variety of other causes, at one point or another we all fall out of our normal running routines. If our separation from the road, the track or the trail lasts long enough, just lacing up to get out the door can become as hard as – if not harder than – the run itself. Excuses replace the normal pre-run excitement, and before you know it, a week off turns into a month or worse. So when your running regiment breaks down, what can you do to get back on your feet?

Reframe objections into challenges: It’s very easy to tell yourself, “it’s too cold outside,” “I’m too tired,” or “I’m just not feeling it today” after you’ve gone a while without running. The trick is to turn these objections that you may tell yourself into something more positive and exciting. If it’s too cold, throw on an extra layer or two and ask yourself, “How much of this cold weather can I handle?” If you’re too tired, challenge yourself to push through it. Even if you’re just not feeling it, test yourself to try and get your edge back. You’re a runner - you already have a competitive spirit – use that to overcome whatever is keeping you from your run.

Incorporate something new: Running, as well as any other kind of training, is designed to be repetitive, so when it’s been replaced by a variety of different activities during an off period getting back to the “same old same old” can seem pretty unappealing. The trick is to change things up. Try using new songs for a running playlist, explore a different route, buy a new pair of shoes, or anything else you can incorporate into your run that gives it a different or interesting feel.

Don’t go it alone: A good running buddy or group can often be the strongest push you need to get back to your routine. As strong willed, independent or motivated as you may be, having someone else to hold you accountable or just share the run with you can be the best way to get you out the door.

Think of the end before you begin: When you’re running regularly, the great, accomplished feeling you get when the run or the workout is over can be as familiar to you as your stride. When you get off track, however, that satisfied sensation that makes the run worthwhile can be easily forgotten. Instead, you’re apt to think how much your muscles may ache or how your lungs may burn, and you’re done before you even start. The best thing you can do is look past all the pain or discomfort you might expect, and think of the good feelings you get at the finish.

These are only a few ways to get back into a normal running regiment. When you get out of your rhythm, how do you get going again? Feel free to share your own thoughts or tips in the comment box below, or reach out to our running community on facebook and twitter.