Getting Ready for XC - FAAS style

  • The Running Team
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There’s a very fine line between doing too much and doing too little in summer training. No one wants to be the pre-season warrior, killing every workout the first week of September and then burning out way before the championship part of the season. At the same time, you’re in for a world of pain when get back to school if you haven’t done enough work during those hot summer days. What to do??

Here’s our favorite summer plan – equipped with PUMA FAAS instructions!!

First thing’s first. You have to take a break after you finish you’re outdoor track season. Take a solid two weeks of no running – get some cross training in if you’re itching to do something during week two. Even though you aren’t running yet, wear you’re FAAS 250s around to strengthen you’re feet and calves and let people know 'you’re a runner'.

Now that you’re all rested, start building your mileage up. Wearing the cushioned, yet lightweight FAAS 400 trainers, start with some short runs a few days the first week, and over the next month build up bit by bit to prevent injury. Increase your miles about 5% a week until you’ve hit you’re goal mileage, doing 10 strides once a week in your FAAS 200s. You’ll barely feel these clouds on your feet, but they’ll protect you from whatever debris could be on the ground.

It’s finally July - time to incorporate some steady states! Grab your FAAS 300 sneaks once a week and do an average run at steady state pace – you should be able to answer a quick question, but not comfortable enough to beat box down the streets no matter how strong the FAAS influence is. Now that you’re mileage is higher, switch to the FAAS 550s or FAAS 500s (whichever you prefer) for the extra cushioning to protect you from injuries on your mileage runs. Also, don’t forget to do those strides once a week in your FAAS 200s!!

Kick it into gear in August by replacing the steady state with a tempo run and adding a progressive run and rhythm 200s in addition to the strides. Start off doing a 3 mile tempo run once a week in your FAAS 300s and by the end of August you should bump it up to 4 miles, always starting the run off with a mile of steady state before going into tempo. The progressive run should be a 6 mile run with any combination of 2 miles steady, 2 miles tempo, and 2 miles faster than tempo done in FAAS 400s for the added cushioning. Keep up the strides once a week, and add 8 rhythm 200s done in your FAAS 250s to a different day.

Of course, make sure you’re keeping up you’re mileage all summer, and don’t hesitate to replace one normal run with cross training once a week. Especially when you’re building you’re foundation, it is important not to do too much, and you should be taking a mental break from racing as well. Try to keep the road races to a minimum – you have three seasons of competitions ahead of you! Find you’re favorite ab routine that works your whole core and do it 6 times a week. And don’t forget to hit the gym in your FAAS 550s to get some lifting in 2-3 times a week!

Now you are completely prepared to START workouts with your team – you still have a way to go before you hit you’re peak performance but you’ve built a strong foundation that’s going to last you all year! Good luck to all those runners out there, and happy summer training!!