Faastest Indian

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Mumbai, a city that never sleeps and never waits for anything! Speed is synonymous with the people of the city with everyone in a hurry to make it to their next appointment. Everywhere you look, you see someone moving fast to hop on the train that is about to depart, grab that rickshaw before someone else gets it or that spot in traffic before it evaporates like magic.

People in the city know how to move fass and we like that, which is why PUMA is coming to town to help find the FAAStest Indians! People of all ages, backgrounds and levels of fitness are welcome to participate because this isn’t just about running fast its also about the joy of running.

Come on over to any of the Faastest locations and run. We will clock your speed on the FAAStest course and  if you are the FAAStest man and woman in India we will send you to Zurich to meet the fastest man in the world – Usain Bolt! That’s not all, 25 faastest runners across India will become part of the PUMA FAAS Club and will be given running gear for a whole year. Feel the love!!!
We hope to see you soon for a FAAS run

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