Czech Off Another 100m Win for Usain Bolt in 2012!

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Usain Bolt wins the 100m dash in Ostrava, Czech Republic!

No matter the race day conditions, the location, the field of competitors or any other variables you can think of, there is always one thing that’s constant for Usain Bolt when he races – his undeniable desire to win. In his 2012 European racing debut slated for Ostrava, Czech Republic, Bolt found himself tested by a tough start, but refusing to be beaten, the world’s fastest man rallied to still finish first with a time of 10.04 seconds with a -.8 headwind.

Although the time may not be the usual sub-ten 100m performance we’ve come to expect from Usain Bolt, the result is still a good sign when looking ahead to London. As anyone who follows Track & Field knows, good runners win in good races, but great runners win no matter what.

If anything, Bolt’s showing in Ostrava only builds the excitement for what we’ll see in races to come. Will this make him all the more determined to post faster times? Is Bolt holding back to unleash something unbelievable for the Olympics? What do you think Bolt’s performance means? Share your thoughts with on Facebook and Twitter!

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