Coffee Bean Couture

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A very Jamaican creation in Boston Bay

In front of a row of painted shacks smoking with jerked meat, a man comes skipping up with a handmade stand swinging with inarguably cool necklaces. The instinct is to say no thanks to people trying to hawk a sale, but this is not the typical fare, and Mr. Dennis Maxwell seems kinda wild with pride. He excitedly opens his palm to reveal a green pod lined with tiny red seeds. “Coffee beans!” he exclaims, “I’ve been making these for 20 years, put my 4 kids through school.” He laughed and laughed as we snapped pics of him with his creations, peeking playfully through the strands. When he recovered from the excitement of the impromptu shoot, he explained how he hikes into the mountains every day to seek his beans: “It’s 30 minutes walking. Sometimes one hour.” Then he happily trotted off with his stand to share his wares with a just-arrived van-full of vacationers.

Photo Credit: Photo by William Richards